Best International Feature Film, Washington DC Independent Film Festival

Winner of six Leo Awards, inclluding Best Feature Film,  Best Screenplay and Best Director 

Camera Shy is a dark comedy about a young Vancouver City Councilor named Larry Coyle who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is offered a chance to run for a federal seat. Unfortunately it hinges on Larry fixing the permits for a shady real estate developer who plans to build a casino resort on contaminated land.


But political corruption doesn’t seem to be an issue for Larry. Neither it seems is infidelity. Or having to convince his wife to stay with him by bribing their recently adopted Vietnamese children with the promise of a backyard swimming pool. What does get Larry worried, though, is the cameraman who shows up and starts filming his every move, determined to get the truth out.


The truth, however, may be that Larry’s gone insane, because no one else can see the cameraman except Larry. Larry’s psychiatrist suggests that the cameraman is a manifestation of his subconscious, whose goal is to make Larry embarrassed about his bad behavior, in the hopes that he will change his ways. But owning up to the whole truth, which now includes an accidental homicide, proves too much for Larry’s ego to handle. So he comes to the only other conclusion he can live with — that he’s a character in a movie.


Now if only he can find an ending that works…

Camera Shy